CANoe - Tool Specialization & Testing

CANoe is the enterprise tool from Vector Informatik GmbH used by some of the tier 1 automotive and electronic control unit (ECU) design companies. It’s used for testing, simulation, diagnostics and analysis of ECUs and ECU networks. CAPL is as the scripting language for automation of test cases within CANoe.

What is covered?

Our CANoe training program is aimed at CAN and CANoe Users working in Controller Development, Motor Vehicle Electrical, Test Planning and Execution. In this onsite session, we’ll cover the basic fundamentals of CANoe as a development environment for CAN projects.

Scenario based testing
Industry specific use cases
Curriculum covering latest features by Vector

We’ll cover CAN protocol in detail and how to operate CANoe as a measurement and analysis tool and for remaining bus simulation based on practical examples. You will use CAPL and special DLLs to create your own program node and the Panel Designer to create a graphic user interface window for emulating ECUs. In the last module, you will apply your acquired knowledge by conducting extensive measurements, remaining bus simulations and analyzes on real automotive networks.