Digital Technology

Adobe Audience Manager, AAM is Adobe’s leading DMP in the market. We have competent teams and consultant to give you the right operational training to implement and operate DMP leveraging its complete potential. The consultants are Adobe certified and carry a wealth of implementation and operations experience.

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Salesforce DMP, (Krux) is is the upgraded form of Krux, a DMP which was acquired by Salesforce. SF DMP training will enable your team to lead implementation and operation of Krux for multiple clients.

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Adobe Target is an A/B testing and personalisation tool which is widely used by multiple enterprises around the globe. The product allows you to design tests  & create audience segments to target content. Our Adobe certified consultants will help you understand the product and help you take smarter decisions while implementing it.

DFP – DoubleClick for Publishers is a SAAS platform designed to manage the process of delivering ads to your websites, mobile apps, devices, games and much more. It’s one of the most widely used platform known for its innovative features, integrations, user friendliness and good service provided by Google.

AdX – DoubleClick Ad Exchange is Google’s ad exchange which is used by world’s top publishers and advertisers. It is a real-time marketplace partnered with the Google Display Network for buying and selling advertising. It represents another market for advertisers to bid on display advertising across the Internet.


CANoe is the comprehensive software tool for development, test and analysis of entire ECU networks and individual ECUs. It supports you throughout the entire development process – from planning up to final system-level tests.

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